Date A Lesbian Adventurer

UPDATE (11/10/2018): Currently dating someone I met off the @_personals_ IG. Who wants to be featured next? Contact me!

Hi there! I'm Heather.  I'm a lesbian who adventures.  Seeking a woman who also adventures.

Photo Credit:  Heaven McArthur

Photo Credit: Heaven McArthur

About Me:

Photo Credit:  Heaven McArthur

Photo Credit: Heaven McArthur

Stuff you want to know:

Status: Single

Orientation: Homosexual, monogamous, lady-loving-lady, super lesbian, some would say soft butch.

Age: 44

Height: 5′4″ 

Body Type:  A little extra around the edges, but active.

Diet: Omnivore, but I enjoy a good vegan or gluten-free meal. 

Drugs: Recently tried pot for the first time.  Not sure about it.  Have you seen "Locked Up Abroad"?!

Smokes: Not really. Maybe a cigar once in a blue moon.

Drinks: Socially.  I like whiskey, cider, red wine and non-hoppy beer.

Religion: Roman Catholic.  And yeah, I like Jesus (though I drink a little)

Sign: Pisces (I was told this is important with lesbians)

Job: Technology / Internet Startup (kinda)

Offspring: None.  Open to the possibility of procreation, though at my age, I would not be the bearer of a tiny human.

Speaks:  English (Fluently), Spanish (enough to get me in trouble) and I know how to say "please" and "thank you" in probably ten other languages.

Other things you want to know:

  • Travel (I love it so much!)
  • Humanitarian work
  • Social justice (women's rights, LGBT rights, and racial justice)
  • Making a difference in the world
  • Solving problems using computers
  • Ice cream
  • Photography (concert and travel mostly)
  • Hiking & Backpacking in the wilderness
  • Being vulnerable & combatting shame
  • Living an authentic & honest life
  • Radical candor & resiliency
  • Being a better version of myself daily
  • Live music, mostly singer-songwriters
  • Brandi Carlile (68 concerts and counting)
  • Good food
  • Delicious coffee
  • My friends are kind, compassionate and making a difference


Photo Credit:  Heaven McArthur

Photo Credit: Heaven McArthur

What I am doing with my life

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the past few years working on me and becoming the best version of myself.  I am ready to be in a relationship with an equally amazing woman who has done the work and has their sh** together.

I currently work for a tech company in Portland, OR.  Previously, I spent 14 years working as an Emergency Department Technician and a Medical Assistant.  I realized working in healthcare was destroying my soul, so I took a risk and left my comfort zone to work in tech.  I do not regret it for a moment.  

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking and backpacking. I have walked the Camino de Santiago twice (Camino Frances and Camino Portuguese). I rode a 1980 P200 Vespa motorscooter across the United States once. I have a love affair with Nepal. I love to dogsit and have a lot of photos of other people's pups.

Locally, in Portland, I enjoy exploring coffee shops, food carts, seeing live music, and hanging out with friends.

At this point in time, I would prefer to date someone local, or in the PNW region.  It's possible I could relocate for the right person, however my job is pretty sweet right now and I don't have plans to move for another couple of years.  I do have every intention of leaving Oregon in about two years though, so who knows, maybe I could end up in your neck of the woods!

My ultimate dream is to live overseas.

    What I am looking for in a woman

    Well, this is certainly a loaded question.  Here are a few things I am looking for.  This list is a starting point.  And somewhat generalized.

    • Be kind
    • Be passionate about what you are doing with your life
    • Be emotionally intelligent
    • Be curious
    • Sense of humor is absolutely necessary
    • Enjoy a good adventure
    • Good communicator (DO NOT ASSUME...ask questions!)
    • Live a life with integrity, honor and dignity
    • Drama-free
    • Have a passport with Global Entry (a girl can dream!)
    • Being religious is not required, but I'd love to have someone to chat about theology and stuff
    • Identify as lesbian or bisexual
    • I tend to be attracted to low maintenance femmes.  If you can wake up, shower and be ready to go, you are my dream woman.
    • Have your sh** together.  Gainfully employed, emotionally available, ready to be in a relationship
    • Prefer women over the age of 35 and under 46, I am not able to be anyone's sugar mama!

    Testimonials (from people who know and love me)

    I’ve known Heather for over 20 years. She is one of the most authentic people I know. She is mature, self-aware and woke. She communicates openly and definitely walks the talk. She doesn’t dish out drama and bullshit so she deserves the same in whomever loves her. She’s been a great friend to me and so many others. She’s a fun person to know and I know she will find the love of her life, that someone special who makes her toes curl.
    — Courtney
    Authentic, direct, smart, with a huge heart. Heather is the kind of human striving to make a difference in this world. You’ll have to share her with many but just think of all the wonderful souls you will have in your life.
    — Annette
    Heather is my most trusted outdoor expert for the Pacific Northwest. I would (and have!) trust her with my life out in the wilderness. This gal is also one of the kindest souls I know, should you ever be so lucky to meet her, do it!
    — Kalong
    Heather is so fucking awesome
    — Roberto
    She has good taste in music
    — Janet
    Heather is a total badass. You are missing out if you don’t date her!
    — Jenni
    Heather is so awesome, I was ready to come out as a lesbian looking for love. The crazy part is that I am a straight, married male.
    — James
    Loyal and loves dogs!
    — Brooke
    10-years ago we rode our 150cc scooters to Canada and back. I think she’s done a lot crazier stuff since then.
    — MJ
    Heather is the kind of woman who makes me wish I were a lesbian.
    — Nancy
    Beautiful and woke AF.
    — Jeff
    I think Heather is a fantastic human being. I feel blessed to have met her.
    — Jose
    Heather says what she believes and believes what she says with all her heart and soul. She’s taught me more than she knows.
    — Shannon
    Heather takes care of you and makes sure you’re ok even though you just met.
    — Hannah
    Heather is easy to talk to and fun to get to know. She is open minded and basically a great human being.
    — Tara
    Heather once had a good time in Texas.
    — Sarah
    You need to date this awesome chick or I will fucking cut you..... and she’s rad...and has interests that are interesting....
    — Mikhail know...I love this woman. If I were not still so passionate about Viggo Mortensen and Jason Monoa I might give Heather a go.
    — Tracy
    You will never not know where you stand. She shares her true thoughts, beliefs and opinions with the world. She is true and authentic and truly listens. Is real. A go getter. Decent, Funny, outgoing, kind, gentle, caring and adventurous. Sadly masculine off center, which is what I am and she possesses all qualities I want in a partner.
    — Danielle

    Intrigued?  Interested in learning more?  Hit me up via this contact form and let's see what happens!

    Contact Form:

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    ie:, instagram handle @username, facebookcom/username, or if you have your own business, share a link!

    Where You Can Find Me

    I have some trips planned in the coming months.  If you live in one of these places, maybe we can grab coffee or a drink.  Even if I am dating someone, I love meeting new people and would welcome the opportunity to hear people's stories.

    • May 2018: Home in Portland, OR for the most part.  I do have plans to go backpacking or camping over Memorial Day Weekend.  Location TBD.
    • June 6-12, 2018: Road trip to Pismo Beach, CA for the West Coast Connection, a social gathering of Queer Christians.
    • July 4-9, 2018: Family trip to Alaska.  Location TBD.

    Check out my Instagram feed below.